Friday, October 21, 2011

October Sale!

All items are completely
Thank you everyone for your support 

Welcome to Lime Trees October Sale!

So are you ready for a look?
How to order:
Have a browse, make a list, then send me an email to the address to the left here along with your postal address and I'll get back to you with your total and payment details.

Payments are to be made by Direct Debit.

Postage prices range from $1.20 for a couple of items, $2.70 for a few more and if you order a tonne I'll send them in a $6 satchel (for orders within Australia).
Registered post is available at Aussie Post rates for those who want security as I cannot rehook orders.
International post is now available starting at $5.00!!!

All of my products are hand hooked by me using cotton thread. The threads do vary a little in thickness so you will find some items are slighter bigger than others because of this. Makes for great layering!
All packs are as pictured.
All trims are individually hand crocheted by me. This means that they are not cut, however cutting them will not effect their quality (they will not unravel).
Due to the nature of the patterns I use the lengths may vary a little but will all be at least 30cm long, enough to go across a 12x12 layout.

So are you ready?????
Here we go!!!!!!

$10 - pack of 4 trims as pictured
{Bunting available on request}

Extra Large Doilies
$5 each 
available in red, lime, orange and yellow
{approx 13cm in diameter}

$10 - pack of 4 as pictured
{approx 7cm in diameter}

Mini doilies
$5 - pack of 4 as pictured
{approx 5 cm in diameter}

Double flowers - multicoloured
$5 pack of 3 as pictured
{approx 6cm in diameter}

Double flowers - solid colours
$5 pack of 4 as pictured
{approx 6cm in diameter}

$5 pack of 4 as pictured
{approx 6cm in diameter}

Funky Flowers
$5 pack of 4 as pictured
{approx 5cm in diameter}

Single flowers
$5 - pack of 10 as pictured
{approx 4cm in diameter}

Itty Bitty flowers
$2 - pack of 10 as pictured
{approx 2cm in diameter}

Take Care


  1. Simply Delightful Products Becci !!! Love'm to pieces x

  2. missed out :(
    sooo wanting some of your goodies....
    they are all gorgeous as usual Becci.